Fatbar Steering Systems

Billet KP Fatbar Over-Pivot System .

For use with 1-1/8″ handlebars, the KP fatbar steering can be mounted in a number of ways ;

1. Bars 40mm from pivot.
2. Bars over pivot, spin the clamp base 180 & add the spacer plate for steering cable-end clearance.
3. Bars over pivot , without spacer, but with cable arm inverted to mount cable post behind bars (not this can only be done if you can move the cable holder back to compensate, ie to the last set of holes on a KP pole)

$220NZd to $275NZd depending on pivot option:

$220NZd – With OEM Bushing style pivot system.

$275NZd – With Bearing pivot system.

Bearing Pivot